Subway Art

Photos by Henry Chalfant

Curator : Yannick Boesso

Synopsis of the exhibition

Synopsis of the exhibition


UMA pays tribute to graffiti with the precious photos of Henri Chalfant. These trains, painted illegally in the early 1980s, have since been repainted, destroyed or replaced. It is only thanks to these pictures that we still keep track of them.

Subway Art recreates in virtual reality these old New York R38 trains which turned, thanks to their graffiti, into incredible works of art. Discover the works of pioneers like Futura 2000, Blade, Seen, Crash or Lee.

UMA offers you:

  • A station where trains, placed side by side, have long formed an open-air museum. A unique museum, which only virtual reality can find.
  • The story of a controversial art, sometimes denigrated and immortalized by Henri Chalfant, an exceptional photographer

Plunge into the undergrounds New York subway, through Chalfant’s lens you will see ten works covering the sides of each car.

About the institution

About the institution

This exhibition, produced jointly with “Walk Into Street Art”, was produced with the participation of Henry Chalfant. We send him our deepest gratitude. Renowned photographer and director, he specialized in the art of graffiti, of which he is today a benchmark. His work on American pop culture and its urbanity has aroused the admiration of UMA and Yannick Boesso, curator of the exhibition “Walk Into Street Art”.

We would like to thank Henry Chalfant for sharing these works with us, and for showing us his support in organizing this magnificent exhibition

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