Memories Paper

Nathalie Boutté

Curator : Nathalie Boutté, in partnership with Magnin-A Gallery

Synopsis of the exhibition

Synopsis of the exhibition

UMA is committed to presenting contemporary artists. “Memories Paper” exhibition, devoted to the work of Nathalie Boutté, sheds light on the work of an exceptional artist. Composed of several thousand strips of paper, the works of Nathalie Boutté present the faces of anonymous. Photographed between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th, they are remembered to us with striking nuances and subtlety.

Visit “Memories Paper” to discover a series of iconic works by the artist, brought together for the first time, and admire :

  • An extraordinary work, made of collages and entanglement of letters, between sculpture and drawing
  • Portraits of African-Americans, taken from the Rufus W. Holsinger Photographic Collection
  • Extremely rich notices written by the artist herself

Nathalie Boutté is a sensitive, manual artist. She manipulates paper, text, typographic gray, inks. She draws with words, writes with photos or paints with paper. Her art is unique, between text and image; the daguerreotype and the pixel; between the past and the future.

Her work is always a rebirth, his technique still learning. No certainty, no truth, always one more experience, one more step.

About the institution

About the institution

Produced in partnership with the Magnin-A gallery, “Memories Paper” presents an emblematic selection of the work of Nathalie Boutté. We warmly thank her for drafting the instructions and writing the texts accompanying this exhibition.

UMA also expresses its gratitude to Mr. Philippe Boutté, Pauline Giroux and André Magnin for their support and help in carrying out this project.

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