Spoils of War

Recovering Looted Artworks from the Second World War

Curator : Ori Z. Soltes, and Marc J. Masurovsky

Synopsis of the exhibition

Synopsis of the exhibition

Klimts, Renoir, Manets … Between 1933 and 1945, the Nazis engaged in a real looting throughout Europe. The Raubkunst, an organized dispossession aiming to confiscate from their owners over 400,000 works of art.

UMA offers you a historical exhibition. In an original scenography, discover the greatest spoilt  masterpieces of World War II.

In this exhibition, you will discover:

  • The journey of each object, its history and that of its trip to the Nazi warehouses until it is returned.
  • A symbolic reconstruction of the highest places of spoliation, from the Shoah memorial going to collectors’ apartments
  • An original reconstruction of the Room of Martyrs, the Jeu de Paume room where stored the so-called degenerate works of art.

This exhibition touches our common history, our collective memory. These works that you will see bear the mark of a trauma that is still burning our consciousness. Take time to reflect, remember, and above all appreciate the beauty of these exceptional works.


About the institution

About the institution

This exhibition was produced in partnership with the HARP (Holocaust Art Restitution Project), with the curating of Ori Z. Soltes, professor of Hebrew civilization at Georgetown University, and Marc J. Masurovsky, historian specializing in questions of spoliation and co-founder of HARP.

The “Spoils of War” exhibition was made possible through crowdfunding launched on KissKissBankBank. Among its donors, UMA would like to warmly thank Stephane Chenderoff, as well as Diane de Selliers and Marie-Claire de Selliers.

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