Leonardo da Vinci

Painted Works

Curator : Jean Vergès

Synopsis of the exhibition

Synopsis of the exhibition

Only a few works remain today from Leonardo’s genius. And the privilege of virtual reality is its ability to bring them all together in one place. For the first time, we offer you the opportunity to confront the different Madonna of the Rocks or the three Madonnas, to admire each detail of the Mona Lisa or the Last Supper.

You will find  :

  • Seventeen of the artist’s paintings signed by his hand (although some are debated)
  • 3D architecture inspired by a palace designed by Leonardo. A way to give life to preparatory studies of Leonardo and his talents of architect.
  • Some emblematic objects of the inventor Leonardo: a war machine, evoking his career as a military engineer, as well as his famous flying machine.

The diversity of Leonardo da Vinci’s knowledge and activities makes synthesis impossible … UMA has therefore chosen to present his painted work, throwing hundreds of anatomical and engineering drawings to the ground, town planning, mathematics, and studies of phenomena of all kinds. Creative effervescence, fiery and unbridled, is essential to grasp the breadth of his genius. So here it is spread,

offered to everyone’s curiosity. “The painter must strive to be universal” he said. His genius was greedy for infinity, launched forward, to beyond his century and the following centuries. This virtual reality exhibition attempts to perpetuate this heritage, thanks to the use of new technologies and a demanding artistic curation.

About the institution

About the institution

UMA is proud to have fully directed and produced this exhibition. Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo, he keeps embodying humanism and transversality of knowledge. To his genius we pay  a boundless admiration. His work, accessible to the general public, is the opportunity to create an exhibition that only virtual reality allows.

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