Caricatures in France, from the French Revolution to our times

Humour, Weapon of Mass Diffusion

With the participationf of Bertrand Tillier, History professor, in partnership with Retronews

Synopsis of the exhibition

Synopsis of the exhibition

What better tool than a caricature or a print to take the pulse of society? Illustrations of press, satirical drawing or caricature, experienced an unprecedented boom in the 19th century. While the press is becoming more and more accessible thanks to the industrialization of printing, graphic satire takes his flight to divert, through humor, current affairs, society and ideas.

Visit “Humor, a weapon of mass distribution” and discover

  • An exceptional scenography, in the fantasized streets of Paris.
  • A vast panorama of caricature, in three themes: Power, Religion and Society.
  • Events that made the history of the French press, from the Dreyfus affair to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, including French most famous puppet show.
  • A French specialty: between art and politics, caricature is probably the most militant of all our arts.

In that respect, Bertrand Tillier, author of several university books and participant to the exhibition, writes: “the cartoonish image strives to go beyond the bounds of the plausible and morals and relentlessly cross the boundaries of the acceptable and the ridiculous. This is its productive part, and that is why it is as much an image as an act. ”


About the institution

About the institution

This exhibition was produced in partnership with RetroNews website, a, incredibly rich platform, bringing together press archives. We warmly thank the BNF and Gallica for their support, which was essential to the building of this exhibition. UMA would also like to address its gratitude to Mr. Bertrand Tillier, professor of history at Sorbonne University. His participation in writing the content shed new light on carricature, and his supervision was invaluable in the organization of our exhibition.

Finally, we would like to thank Eglantine Ponse and Nancy Ba for their involvement and their efficiency in the realization of this project.

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