A Walk Into Street Art

Curator : Yannick Boesso

Synopsis of the exhibition

Synopsis of the exhibition

It is not easy to grasp the outlines and spot the main artists of Street Art. And yet, established since nearly fifty years on five continents, Street Art is one of the greatest artistic movements of our time. Driven by a perpetual quest for legitimacy with museums as pioneers of graffiti, urban art is characterized by its codes, its diversity, its popularity and its anchoring in the present. It is a prism of reflection accessible to all.

In a city created entirely for the exhibition, discover:

  • A journey beyond the constraints of reality.
  • The iconic walls of Banksy, JR, Obey, Jef Aérosol, Ernest Pignon Ernest alongside pioneering street art graffiti and historic New York trains from the years
  • The history and values ​​of Street Art, a movement committed to the environment and humanism rooted in a deeply urban identity

In a virtual and universal museum, how do you select works – walls, more precisely – and be sure that they are representative of the movement? It is not possible. History does not give us enough perspective to extract the essence.

A “Walk Into Street Art” is a non-exhaustive parenthesis, a window. We catch a glimpse of the desire to make works and their contexts interact by broadening the artists’ purpose towards a universal meaning.

About the institution

About the institution

This exhibition was produced in partnership with Urban Art Fair, with the curatorship of Yannick Boesso. UMA warmly thanks all the artists who allowed us to use the reproduction of their works, and in particular Philippe Bonan for his portrait gallery, and Henry Chalfant for his collaboration with Subway Art.

This exhibition was presented for the first time during the 2018 edition of the Urban Art Fair.

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